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NWS660 – Inline Wrapper – Round Bale

Whether you are looking to wrap 50 or 5000 bales, this model has the features to handle wrapping round bales up to 6’ in diameter. No compromises have been made in manufacturing the NWS660 providing you the same quality wrapping speed and high-volume capacity of up to 180 bales per hour, as all other inline wrapper models at an economical price point.

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IFX720 – Inline Wrapper – Round Bale

The IFX720 XTRACTOR™ model offers the versatility and power which will help you reach another level of performance. This model stems from the tested and proven NWX660 using the same manufacturing quality and precision. The new features of the IFX720 include: larger hoop capabilities for wrapping 6’ round bales, new faster than ever pusher allowing you to wrap more bales per minute. Increased speed and performance for high quality feed and to protect nutrient value of your silage bales.

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HYBRID X – Inline Wrapper – Round and Square Bales

Make sure all your hard work does not go to waste, wrap silage bales with the HYBRID X XTRACTOR™ for round and square bales. Combining the features of both a round and square bale wrapper, this model delivers dramatically higher efficiency ensuring perfectly wrapped bales every time. Its versatility makes it ideal for custom operators.

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EVOLUTION – Inline Wrapper – Round & Square Bales

The Evolution XTRACTOR™ has the capacity to meet the highest demand in wrapping. The maximised size of the rigid hoop and the enhanced flat shaped roller bed performs consistently with every type of bales. With the best manufacturing process, Anderson ensures the highest quality for long-lasting products.

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WRAPTOR – Inline Wrapper & Trailer – Round Bale 

The high-performance WRAPTOR™ is the combination of a self-loading trailer and an in-line wrapper. When labour is hard to find or you need to do things quickly, this all-in-one system allows you to do the transportation and wrapping with only one operator and one tractor. The WRAPTOR™ is the ultimate system for loading, transporting and wrapping. Designed for collecting wet or dry hay, it offers the fastest performance on the market.The trailer collects and transports 14 bales (4 ft × 4 ft.) at a time and attaches to the wrapper without additional equipment. The remote control offers the possibility to do everything from the seat of the tractor.

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