Dinamica Generale – Weighing Systems

Burder is a distributor for the Dinamica Generale products in Australia. Dinamica Generale products are available through our friendly dealer network. Burder’s main focus on Dinamica Generale products are in the areas of On‐Board Weighing System.

       Pegasus System


  • Time saving: real time overload control during loading activity can optimize time for truck drivers
  • Improve equipment effectiveness
  • Improved on-site safety thanks to several alarms
  • Optimum price-performance ratio
  • Easy on-site calibration


  • The measurement of the oil pressure in the lifting cylinder allows understanding the weight of the tool (bucket, grab bucket, clamp).
  • Designed to operate in tough environments
  • Data collected can be printed out or stored in a flash memory card.
  • Pegasus Trace Software on the PC allows easy analytics on data collected
  • Automatic load accumulation, up to 256 weighing for a total of 999 tons
  • Edit components name, customers and operators
  • Automatic compensation of motor revolution
  • Overload logging and overload warning
  • Easy-to-read LCD Display
  • Up to 10 data sets for easy selection of implements
  • Double pressure transducer for increased accuracy
  • Dynamic mode makes operators’ work smooth and efficient


  • One Pegasus 2 Indicator
  • N° 2 pressure transducers 500 bar
  • N° 2 proximity sensors
  • Mechanical support for proximity sensors
  • Power cable
  • Sensor connection box
  • Sensor cable
  • Load history
  • Amount visualized per customer or component
  • Detailed reports (Excel or PDF)
  • Customers’ management
  • Components’ management
  • Single load history

Thermal Printer (option)

To add whenever you need to print data on a ticket


Technical Data


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