Burder at Henty Field Day – 2017

Sunbird takes flight in Australia

The Weekly Times | 19th July, 2017 | Justin Law

Sunbird - Rabe

GERMAN tillage brand Rabe is expanding its reach in Australia with new distributor Burder Ag ­Attachments on the hunt for dealers in other states to stock the machines.

The Wangaratta ag machinery ­operation picked up the brand late last year and has imported its range of disc and tine harrows, subsoilers and ploughs.

Burder held a dealer day at Skipton last week to demonstrate a 6m Sunbird compact disc harrow working a paddock on Banogil Station.

The machine worked in heavy clay and black soil behind a Fendt 936 with reports it performed similarly to an offset disc harrow.

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New mixer a solid investment: ‘Cows just wolfed up the feed’

The Weekly Times | 15th June, 2016 | Justin Law

Sitrex News

Contented cows: Holsteins love the feed produced by his new Sitrex and milk solids are up, says dairy farmer Tristan Mulhern.

GETTING consistency in feed ration for his dairy herd was the driver behind Tristan Mulhern making a significant investment in a Sitrex Virage 200 self-propelled feed mixer.

It’s believed to be the only machine of its kind in Australia and was the final part of a plan to greatly reduce feed wastage and improve his milk solid yield from 500 Holstein cattle on his Inman Valley, South Australia, dairy.

The first step six years ago was to reduce feed costs by incorporating potatoes and citrus that he mixed in a trailed wagon and fed out under the fence line in the paddock.

The saving he achieved paid for the wagon in two years and then the cost of installing a concrete feed pad three years ago was recouped in 18 months through reduced wastage.

“We used to get 30 per cent wastage feeding under the fence line, but now it’s about 4-5 per cent because cattle aren’t trampling it in,” Mr Mulhern said.

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Innovation helps consistency

Stock Journal | 19th May, 2016 | QUINTON MCCALLUM

Sitrex News

FORWARD THINKING: Tristan Mulhern recently invested in a cutting edge self-propelled feed mixer as a long-term cost-saving measure for the Hilltop View dairy at Inman Valley.

THE recent purchase of a self-propelled feed mixer has continued a history of innovation and smart management at Hilltop View dairy, Inman Valley.

Three years after investing in a concrete feedpad – reducing feed wastage by 20 per cent to 30pc – dairyfarmer Tristan Mulhern recently bought a Sitrex Virage 200 from Italy to replace the property’s Jaylor mixing wagon.

Mr Mulhern said the feeding time of their 500 Holsteins had been cut in half and they had used less diesel because the Sitrex mixer didn’t require two tractors during the feeding process, unlike the Jaylor.

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