Counter Weight


Counterweights are important in maintaining the stability of the tractor when using front end loaders. With a front end loader fitted onto a tractor, the centre of gravity shifts forward. The centre of gravity is further amplified when the loader lifts a load thus putting pressure on the tyres, axle and rims.

To eliminate such risks, a 3 point linkage should be used. The counterweight is hooked up with a 3 point linkage set behind the rear axle. This is the best method to improve stability and it reduces the amount of pressure placed on the tyres, axle and rims.



  • Robust design
  • Australian steel
  • Steel casing and concrete filled
  • Quality 2 pack paint

Safe & User Friendly

  • Engineered for maximum safety and efficiency
  • Simple to use


Burder’s counterweights comes in 3 categories with different weights.

CAT Dimensions LxWxH (mm) Weight (kg)
Cat 1 550x206x660 150
600x190x555 170
600x310x450 300
500x500x600 500
Cat 2 600x375x625 500
830x380x710 800
830x450x710 1000
830x550x750 1200
830x650x800 1500
830x750x850 1800