Special Projects

Burder manufactures a wide range of custom projects to suit to customers’ requirements. Burder is equipped with a vast amount of experience to deal with custom projects whether big or small. Contact Burder for more information regarding custom projects.

BHP Drag Chain Rammer:

rammer-2       rammer-1

Front end loader fitted with rammer and guide.

Drain Blade

titan-drain-blade-2       titan-drain-blade-1

Front end loader fitted with a drain blade. The drain blade is useful for clearing out debris from drains and ditches. The blade can be fully retracted if not in use.

Falling Object Protective Structures (FOPS)

falling-object-protection-system-1       falling-object-protection-system-2

Tractor fitted with FOPS. Highly suitable for industries like forestry. The overhead protection ensures the safety of the operator in the event of objects falling overhead. In addition, the front, side and rear protective structure prevents damage to the engine as well as enhancing the safety of the operator.

bush-frame-1       bush-frame-2

Tractor fitted with FOPS.