Bison Agricultural Implements

Burder Ag Attachments is the exclusive distributor for Bison agricultural implements in Australia. Bison products are available through Burder’s dealership network.

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Bison develop technologically sustainable solutions that improve the productivity of the people who feed the world. The products are widely used across the agricultural industry and are renowned for their strength and durability. The products are manufactured with end users in mind thus providing superior customer satisfaction.

The equipment range is very diverse and products such as ploughs, scrapers, blades, trailers and grinders are just one of the many products offered by Burder Ag Attachments.




One person can easily attach the implements to the the tractor without the risk of injuries.



Implements can be quickly attached and detached by inserting or removing pins that secures the implements thus improving productivity.



The robust design and materials will ensure that your Bison products will last a long time.

Bison Box Blades

BB Series


BB-210-1 Series

Bison’s Box Blades are designed for rugged use by landscapers, farmers, homeowners, and in light construction.

They are great for landscaping, land levelling, backfilling, grading, road maintenance, cleaning construction areas, gardens and many other applications.

They have 2 high carbon steel reversible cutting edges (one front and one rear).

Rippers are replaceable and positioned in a hydraulically driven square tube, allowing breakage of the compacted topsoil.
Soil displacement can be accomplished by forward and backward operations, due to the dual cutting edges available. Cutting edges are reversible and replaceable.

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Utility Trailers

CB Series


CB-701630-2 Series

Our trailers are some of the most durable on the road today. Useful for transporting machinery and fodder. Manufactured on the highest quality standards to ensure long life.

Guidelines to keep rear ramps.

Two tandem axle suspension and sport wheels.

Long size pull that permits turns with less angle, with ball hitch reinforced and support skid.

An electric braking system that works through a sensor attached to the vehicle (optional single axis).

PTR structure, reinforced 13-gauge metal floor and non-skid paint.

Backdoors can be used as ramps. Guidelines to keep rear ramps.

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Farm Wagon

Fifth Wheel Series


Fifth Wheel Series

This heavy-duty wagon trailer is ideal for use around the farm, ranch or home. Built with heavy-duty welded steel construction. 4 or 6 tons available of loading capacity, hydraulic and standard function.

Sheet floor and detachable metal sides, these can be attached to the platform.

Omega platform frame, that permits the main frame assembly allowing to make all one full piece.

The back metal sides avoids the fodder to fall. Flip-top door and 45° roll over angle. Reinforced maze with eight bolts, for highest loading capacity.

High clears axle, with reinforced lance and fifth wheel that covered the complete main frame, for a better load and transport stability.

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Farm Wagon

Tandem Series


Tandem Series

Use this tandem farm wagon for many purposes around the house, yard or farm.

The very strong cart, designed for trailing behind a tractor, holds up to a whopping 8,800 pounds for even the biggest jobs.

Available in 3, 3.5 and 4 tons of load capacity. Hydraulic or standard operation.

Greater manoeuvrability for tight spaces.

Useful for farm work, harvesting and transportation.

Sheet floor, detachable metal sides and cylinder of 4″ interior diameter.

Tandem suspension type. It is ruggedly constructed on a solid steel axle for strength and reliability.

Sports two 16-inch pneumatic hires on steel wheels for covering even the most uneven terrain in challenging conditions.

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Rear Blade

T/F/A  Series


T/F/A Series

T/F/A Series blades are designed for tractors up to 55 hp. Choose between 5′ to 8′ mouldboard width depending on your needs.

Ideal for light road maintenance, lawn care, gardening, and other light duty landscaping applications.

Offset and angle tilt can be easily adjusted in all models. End plates allow rear blade to hold in material for filling.

Skid shoes increase the life of the cutting edge and avoid damaging the working surface while cleaning corrals or ploughing snow.

Blades can be used year-around for levelling ground, roadside clearing and snow removal.

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Rear Blade

Regular Duty Series


Regular Duty Series

Up to 80 hp tractors. A complete line of rear blades with mouldboard widths from 7 to 9 feet. Ideal for levelling, gardening and road maintenance jobs. They are also good for cleaning feed lots.

Cut and roll the soil rather than dragging. Save time, horsepower and fuel. Different angle adjustments and tilt. Tilt the mouldboard up or down 22°. Offset adjustment allows 18° left or right (manual or hydraulic). Total swing angle of 360°.

Attachments available:

  • End plates allow rear blade to hold in materials for filling.
  • Skid shoes increase the life of the cutting edge and avoid damaging the working surface while cleaning corrals or ploughing snow.

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Rear Blade

Extra Heavy Duty Series


Extra Heavy Duty Series

For a wide range of material handling work.

From landscaping to heavy duty dam-building jobs.

Up to 120 hp tractor. Skid shoes increase the life of the cutting edge and avoid damaging the working surface while cleaning corrals or ploughing snow.

An important factor in the performance of the rear blade is he precision-formed mouldboard with the exact curvature necessary to achieve maximum penetration. This added precision allows to cut and roll the soil rather than dragging, which saves time, horsepower and fuel.

NHVH models offer even more, such as fully hydraulic (or manual) angle, tilt and offset.

Attachments available:

End plates allow rear blade to hold in material for filling.

Land can be quickly and economically levelled simply by attaching the land leveller to the rear blade and applying a “figure-eight” patterns (only for NVH-XHD)

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Rear Blade

NVHL Series


NVHL Series

The heavy-duty design and construction of the NVHL Series make them ideal for the most rugged grading jobs. The 8, 9 and 10-foot mouldboards are reinforced to withstand the most demanding conditions and can be reversed for backfilling. This top-of-the-line blade is rated for use on tractors up to 160 (2WD) horsepower and features optional hydraulic controls for precision blade adjustment.

The NVHL Series is ready for heavy duty action and gives you the confidence to tackle the toughest jobs.

360° Total swing angle. The 1/2″ x 6″ grader-type steel cutting edge is reversible, featuring bevels on both edges for twice the work life, and replaceable for even greater functionality.

Ditching and terracing jobs can be accomplished quickly and easily with optional hydraulic tilt adjustment.

Optional end plates hold in extra material while dragging it from one place to another.

Perfect filling. Optional skid shoes protect the mouldboard cutting edge from hitting low-lying obstructions while cleaning corrals or removing snow.

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