Looking for the next exciting challenge in your career? Then you are looking in the right place!

Burder AgAttachments offers a career opportunity and not just a job. You will be given plenty of opportunities to grow with our company and there will be continual training to ensure your success.

Burder AgAttachments has more than 28 years of experience in manufacturing agricultural equipment with more than 600 dealers across Australia. Burder Industries is always on the lookout for passionate and like-minded professionals to jump on board with us. As a market leader in agricultural manufacturing industry, you can be certain that there will be no dull days and there will be plenty of fun challenges.

The Burder Group’s mission is to ensure the long term viability of its manufacturing in Australia, through management committed to Australian Made, customer focus, engaged and empowered employees.



Please call Adam Fendyk on 0428510525 when you have completed your Employment Application.

Burder Group Employment Application