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Burder Ag Attachments is the exclusive distributor for Cleanfix reversible fans in Australia. Cleanfix products are available through Burder’s dealership network.

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CLEANFIX reversible fans are used nearly everywhere.

CLEANFIX provides dynamic fans for any commercial vehicle that operates in dusty or dirty conditions. CLEANFIX reversible fans are used in agricultural machinery such as tractors, telescopic handlers, food mixers, forage harvesters, and combine harvesters. They are used in construction machines such as wheel loaders, excavators, scrape-dozers, fork-lifts. They are even used in snowmobiles to free up frozen screen surfaces.

They reliably blow radiators free of chaff, debris, grass, dirt, corn residue, leaves, cotton, wood chips, sawdust, gypsum, lime, and just about anything else that can clog your radiator. They can even clear frozen screens.

Cleanfix Benefits

Where CLEANFIX fans are used:

ForestryMachines HandlingMachines MunicipalMachines RecyclingMachines AgriculturalMachines ConstructionMachines

Benefits of Cleanfix Fans

Clean radiators save fuel.  A clean radiator saves fuel, time, and protects from overheating

More and more radiators and coolers are being installed in modern industrial machinery.  The problem: Your fans are in tough continuous use. Like vacuum cleaners, the fans quickly plug the coolers and grill screens. This results in additional costs of several thousand dollars per year through increased fuel consumption and downtime.

The solution: Our innovative reversible fans reverse the airflow to powerfully clean out radiators and screens at the operator’s convenience. CLEANFIX increases the reliability, productivity, and fuel efficiency of your machine. CLEANFIX is the only fan which provides a high pressure, high cleaning power reverse airflow.

What this means to you: Using CLEANFIX ensures a relaxed and comfortable work environment. You will never need to exit the cab to clean a radiator or be inconvenienced by reduced air-conditioning performance.

The patented CLEANFIX Reversing Fan system

The blades of the CLEANFIX fan are always optimally aligned to create the maximum air pressure and airflow. In both the cooling and the cleaning modes, the leading edge of the fan blades cut the air and the trailing edge of the fan blades accelerate the air. Only this CLEANFIX patented system results in high pressure airflow in both fan modes.

To guarantee that the leading edge of the fan is always properly cutting the air and the trailing edge is always accelerating the air in both cooling and cleaning modes, the blades MUST rotate through the cross position.

Other reversing fan systems rely on changing the rotational direction of the fan while the blade profile remains the same. This results in low pressure, low airflow, and highly turbulent reverse flow conditions.


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CleanfixSCWith its convincing advantages such as fuel savings of approximately 6%, the patented CLEANFIX SC system is the most effective reversing fan system in the world. It is revolutionizing the agricultural machinery and commercial vehicle industry.

With the Standard Control (SC) reversible fan, the blades are reversed by compressed air using a pneumatic piston. The blades return to normal operation by spring force. If desired, the cleaning procedure can be automated using an electronic timer.

The CLEANFIX SC is already being installed at the factory by many reputable manufacturers. In addition, CLEANFIX fans may be mounted aftermarket using our installation kits custom designed for each application. Additionally, we are ready to help solve your specific cooling needs. If your machine’s cooling system is a problem, no worries… We will CLEANFIX it!

CLEANFIX fans require a compressed air supply to operate the reversing function. If needed, CLEANFIX will provide a heavy-duty compressor unit specifically designed for this application.

The benefits of the CLEANFIX SC fans can be further enhanced by the addition of:

  • Variable pitch control in the cooling mode
  • Eliminating air turbulence at the blade tips
  • Full engine electronics integration
Model Number Hub Diameter (mm) No. of Blades Variable Pitch Ready Minimum Fan Diameter(mm) Maximum Fan Diameter (mm)
162/8 160.02 8 Yes 350.52 754.38
200/9 198.12 9 Yes 391.16 797.56
222/9 220.98 9 Yes 497.84 1160.8
252/9 248.92 9 Yes 599.44 1295.4
252/12 248.92 12 Yes 599.44 1295.4


cleanfix-vpA Quieter Ride: Cleanfix VP

In addition to the reversing function of the CLEANFIX SC fan series for cooling and cleaning, this fan series offers variable blade pitch control. This change in blade angle corresponds to the cooling requirements of the machine. All this is achieved by the CLEANFIX fan itself, without intervention from the engine electronics.

The CLEANFIX VP series offers the further benefits of a quieter vehicle operation, increased fuel savings, and reduced fan horse power consumption of up to 60%.

How it works:


During initial operation (when the engine is cool), the blade pitch is at its lowest angle resulting in an economical (ECO) cooling mode. As the temperature begins to rise, the thermal actuators expand to move the blades to a steeper position creating higher airflow performance. At high temperatures, the blade angle increases to its maximum pitch (POWER). Then as the engine and hydraulics cool, the thermal elements contract and the blades return to the most economical position.

The CLEANFIX VP has three adjustment systems:

Cleanfix compressor 1. A pneumatic system (compressor) for the fan changing from cooling to cleaning of the radiator and coolers.
wax-elements 2. Wax elements for the thermal blade angle adjustment according to the respective cooling needs.
elastomers 3. Elastomers in the thermal actuators regulate the blade pitch based on the speed of the fan. As the speed increase, blade pitch is reduced to ensure the most economical fan operation at any fan RPM.

The variable pitch control is completely reliable.

CLEANFIX uses thermal actuators for the adjustment of fan blade angles. These wax driven devices have proven reliability.

In a defined temperature range, the wax expands and moves a small piston, which adjusts the angle of the blades from a low to a steep angle. Since all the blades are connected to a common piston, the synchronization of their movement is ensured. This gives our system the highest possible level of reliability.

Model Number Hub Diameter (mm) No. of Blades Variable Pitch Ready Minimum Fan Diameter(mm) Maximum Fan Diameter (mm)
162/8 160.02 8 Yes 350.52 754.38
200/9 198.12 9 Yes 391.16 797.56
222/9 220.98 9 Yes 497.84 1160.8
252/9 248.92 9 Yes 599.44 1295.4
252/12 248.92 12 Yes 599.44 1295.4

Full Engine Electronic Integration: CLEANFIX Pulstronic

The CLEANFIX Pulstronic can vary the blade angle of the fan and adjust performance in accordance with the cooling requirements demanded by the engine electronics.

Thus the most energy-efficient fan power is achieved in every situation – which saves up to 80% of fan power consumption.

In 2009 CLEANFIX was awarded the silver medal for innovation and enhanced technology at the Agritechnica trade show.

In order to always achieve the most energy efficiently use of the fan, the CLEANFIX Pulstronic system communicates with the engine control unit (ECU) and precisely calculates the optimal blade position. The CLEANFIX Pulstronic system then optimally aligns the blades on the fan to provide the airflow and static pressure required to meet the ECUs cooling demands.

CLEANFIX Pulstronic continuously communicates the cooling performance and controls the optimal blade position. This can be done independently of the ECU or in conjunction with it. In addition, the CLEANFIX Pulstronic automatically switches the fan blades at full RPM from cooling to cleaning mode at pre-programmed intervals.

It is also possible to reprogram engine ECUs to directly command the blade pitch and cleanout operation of the CLEANFIX Pulstronic fans.


Due to manufacturing tolerances and rubber isolators on the radiator, there is a gap on most machines between the fan and the fan shroud with a width that can be 2% to 5% of the fan diameter. This leads to air recirculation around the edges of the blades, turbulence, and fan performance losses of up to 20%.

Reducing the air re-circulation through the gap results in more efficient fan cooling! To overcome this design challenge, CLEANFIX Flex-Tips were developed.

CLEANFIX Flex-Tips are semi-rigid tips affixed to the ends of the fan blades. They decrease the gap between the fan blades and the shroud. The Flex-Tips can make direct contact with the fan shroud reducing the gap between the fan and the shroud. This decreases air recirculation and increases desired airflow of all CLEANFIX reversible fans by 8% to 15%. Fan speeds may then be reduced resulting in additional fuel and horsepower savings.


That all CLEANFIX fans can also be retrofitted with CLEANFIX Flex-Tips is certainly a powerful message.

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