Combination Fork Frame


Burder’s combination fork frame allows the operator to switch to a bale fork or pallet fork without changing implements. The combination fork frame has multiple adjustable positions to fit work requirements.

Additional parts and options are available.

Hp Range Tine Length (mm) Rated Capacity Dimensions LxWxH (mm) Weight (kg)
Combination fork frame 60+ 1435×750 120
Round Bale Spike (2 x Conus 2 Tines) 1240 8.2kg ea
Square Bale Spike (4 x Conus 1 Tines) 1100 4.8kg ea
Pallet Fork Tines (Pair) 1250 1000 40kg ea
Pallet Fork Tines (Pair) 1500
Adjustable High Back 1230×1200 30


pallet fork

  • Adjustable width
  • Pivoting forks
Hi Back

  • Optional high back
square bale fork

  • Square bale
  • Conus 1 tines
round bale fork

  • Round bale
  • Conus 2 tines