Burder Front End Loader

The Burder loader series are built to be tough, agile and performs well even under extensive usage.

The Burder loader series comes with a multitude of features such as return to level, soft ride and quick change. These features helps to promote safety, efficiency and productivity in the work environment. As the industry evolves, consumers require more complex features in the loaders in order to enhance productivity in the work environment.

Burder invests resources in R&D to ensure consumer demands are met as well as constantly creating designs that exceed expectations.


  • Simple and easy to use leg locking system
    The parking leg/stand is used when the loader boom is in a parked position • Single operation release • Discreet upright position
  • Vesconite Bushes in all wear points for easy maintenance
    Vesconite Bushes in all wear points for easy maintenance
    Vesconite bushes are low friction and designed to operate with little or no greasing. It has approximately 10 times the life of bronze bushes and is highly suitable in conditions where it is moist or dirty.
  • Protective cover
    Protective cover for manifold and hoses on crossmember
    Including Hydraulic Quick Couplers for front remotes. Standard Hydraulic fittings used for easy repair.
  • Hydraulic dampeners
    Hydraulic dampeners for an easy ride and longer life for loader
    Standard for 8000 series loaders and up, optional for others.
  • Simple and easy to use level indicator
    Unrestricted view from the tractor allows the operator to identify if the implement is at level position by quickly glancing at the level indicator.
  • Burder quick change lever system for easy operation
    Self-latching spring mechanism allows easy implement attachment from tractor. Hydraulic operated quick change available.
  • Through Rod Tilt Rams for faster dump and crowd
    Through rod cylinders are used as it allows smoother and precise movement resulting in faster operations.
  • Greasable plated pins for easy maintenance
    The greasable pins are greased during maintenance to ensure that the loader enjoys a longer lifespan. The pins are easy to locate and easy to access.
  • Electric front remote and cab valve (optional)
  • Hydraulic quick coupler on cab valve (optional)
  • Electric joystick (optional)
  • ROPS valve joystick
  • Cab Joystick

Burder Front End Loader Specifications:


Tractor HP 15-20 15-20 20-25 25-35 35-50 50-80 60-115 70-100 100-150 150-200
Bucket width (m) 1.2 1.0/1.2 1.35 1.35/1.5 1.65/1.8 1.5/1.8 1.8/2.1 1.8/2.1 2.1/2.4 2.1/2.4
S.W.L. (Std Bucket) 280kg 300kg 550kg 500kg 800kg 1000kg 1000kg 1200kg 1500kg 1500kg
A. Lift height to pin (mm) 1800 1900 2100 2400 2700/2900 3200 3815 3950 4050 4250
B. Dump height (mm) 1400 1450 1540 1860 1990/2090 2250 2950 2870 2950 3170
C. Dig depth (mm) 110 70 70 70 80 150 280 180 180 180
D. Crowd angle 40º 25º 35º 40º 35º 45º 45º 50º 50º 50º
E. Dump angle 45º 40º 45º 50º 55º 55º 55º 55º 55º 55º
Front end loader weight (kg) 170kg 250kg 300kg 350kg 550kg 730kg 800kg 950kg 1100kg 1250kg

Burder Loader Packages are available in a large range of tractor brands:

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