Rabe – Subsoilers (GRÉGOIRE BESSON)


Repeated tillage practices at the same depth (whatever it is), excessive compaction (heavy traffic), or weather conditions (hard rains) lead to soil compaction.

Then loosening shall be required, moreover before sensitive crops such as vegetables, oilseed rape, sunflower, …
With its twin-beams frame and its high clearance (beam to beam distance 800 mm, underframe clearance 820 mm) HELIOS can work in heavy trash conditions, even just after harvest.
As an option, machine may be equipped with a rear roller. Roller allows working depth control and has an action on top soil according to its profile: levelling, residue management,


  • Fixed frame 3.0 m, 3.5 m or 4.0 m wide
  • Michel tine 600 or 900
  • Safety device:
    • shear bolt
    • non-stop hydraulic


  • Foldable 2 parts frame,
  • 2.7 m transport width Working width 4.0 m, 5.0 m or 6.0 m Michel tine 600 or 900
  • Safety device:
    • shear bolt
    • non-stop hydraulic


  • Designed for high HP tractors, HELIOS SP ensures high output, ideal for large farms.
  • High clearance (beam to beam distance 1 110 mm, underframe clearance 750 mm), possible fitment of front discs coulters and rear roller double notched discs type give HELIOS SP a wide range of use :
    • on grassland or after summer fallow
    • in heavy trash conditions
    • soil loosening without mixing + residue management (minimal tillage)

*Please contact Burder for the actual details


HELIKRAK is designed for basic soil tillage up to a depth of 70 cm, which contributes to the destruction of the plough sole, formed as a result of soil tillage for the same depth over a long period (ploughing). This treatment contributes to improving the aeration properties of the soil, water permeability, as well as better development of the root system of plants.

  • Working Width: 2.50; 3.00; 4.00; 5.00m
  • Number of legs: 5, 7, 9, 11
  • Coupling cat 2-3 or 3-4
  • For basic soil cultivation (up to 70 cm), no re-circulation of the formation to destroy the plough soles.
  • Consists of a straight stand with a removable chisel on which the aileron knife and side wings are mounted
  • Protection of working bodies is carried out with the help of a bolt working on the rupture. The burst bolt is triggered when the maximum permissible load on the paw is exceeded.
  • A double-toothed roller with hydraulic adjustment ensures good crumbling of lumps formed after the passage of the paws with simultaneous alignment and compaction.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the depth of the roller
  • Rigid frame
  • Replacement tip
  • Weight: 1 430 – 2 220 kg

Required tractor power: 150 – 390 hp.

*Please contact Burder for the actual details