Titan Custom Trailers

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Titan is a sister company of Burder Industries and Titan specialises in manufacturing earth moving attachments. In addition to earth moving attachments, Titan also manufactures custom built trailers. Titan manufactures race car trailers as well as trailers used by restaurateurs among others.

Featured Products

Hodgco Scraper

Hodgco 1

  • Massive ground clearance at full height
  • Integrated rear ripper system
  • Unique bowl and ejector mechanism
  • Walking beam suspension
  • Lowest load on back of the tractor both empty (3.5t) and full (9.5t)
  • 14 feet wide 25m capacity

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Titan Renovator

Titan Renovator 1

A 24ft scraper bucket and blade in one, proven to be one of the most effective methods of earth moving and land levelling. The Renovator’s design allows for material to be carried as well as pushed in front of the cutting edge. The tilting mechanism on the rear axle allows for contouring, with the system able to be connected to a laser levelling system. Bounce suppression plates beneath the bucket allow for a fast, level final pass.


  1. 24ft wide cutting edge
  2. 7m3 to 10m3 carrying capacity
  3. 7m3 pushing capability
  4. Stress relieving chains
  5. Bounce suppression plates
  6. Legal on-road transport width

  1. Cutting
  2. Filling
  3. Contour
  4. Levelling



Click Here to Download the Titan Renovator Catalogue

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